Woman accused of tying up Brisbane teacher applies for bail

A woman who allegedly tied a Brisbane school teacher to a chair at a northern NSW property before he was hit and killed by a truck on a highway has applied for bail.

Lauren Clair Grainger, 38, appeared by video link as a charge of taking or detaining Brisbane-based teacher Anthony Stott, 43, with intent to obtain advantage was mentioned in Tweed Heads Local Court.

Her co-accused, Mark Francis Frost, 46, is yet to face court on the same charge.

Police have opposed the bail application and the magistrate has reserved his decision until midday.

The BMW-driving school teacher had just returned to Australia from Peru before he was killed on the M1 near Cudgera Creek in the Tweed shire on February 10.

Mr Stott's BMW was located in the middle of the M1 at 2am, a short distance from the Kanes Road home where he was allegedly tied up, police say.

He was struck by the truck while walking along the highway about 7am.

Detectives will allege Mr Stott was tied to a chair by Frost and Grainger at their home sometime between 2am and 7am.

It's not known how he got to and from the property. It's also unclear if he was released or broke free from the chair.

Mr Stott's relationship with the accused remains unclear.

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