A Lorelei Fantasy

Rainbow Music of the Heart

Some years ago we were travelling the Rhine. An unforgettable journey… Old castles and cities dotted the fascinating landscape at every bend of the magnificent river around the lush vineyards flowing down the lush hillsides! And… the Legends!

I began work on a story and song then, inspired by this trip. But something was missing, and at last I realised that I had to put it aside until I figured out what it was.

Then, several years later, we were on vacation at Fuerteventura. And I went on long walks by the endless, beautiful seashores. And there the song and its story finally crystallised itself! A fantasy, inspired by both the Rhine and by the mysterious, almost ethereal landscape of Fuerteventura! A mix of opposites… 😉

Nobody really knew who she was, Lorelei, but all agreed on one thing: she was a witch. How else could you explain her alluring…

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By Christian Mihai

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